Removable Post

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Product Summary
  • Security model ideal for pedestrian precincts
  • Constructed of galvanised steel
  • Base socket grouts into concrete
  • Lockable using padlock
  • Galvanised steel
  • Post dimensions - 915H x 76dia mm
  • Above ground: 713mm
  • Under ground: 210mm
  • Product weight: 32kg 
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Additional Information

What is the purpose of a removable post?

This post is ideal if you only have a small budget but need a post that will allow regular access the area it is guarding, then this post is for you. The removable post does exactly what the name suggests. Once installed, the post can be fully removed to allow access to vehicles.

Where can this product be used?

Retail stores, car parks, delivery spaces, pedestrianised areas and other public areas may use this post to restrict any vehicular access. Many retail outlets may use this removable barrier to stop vehicles colliding into the shop front and blocking the entrance to the shop. It then can be removed for delivery vans/lorries to park and un/load goods. A number of businesses on a complex would have to share a car park and some issues may occur on the amount of spaces each company should get. Although this may have been discussed some employees could take advantage of the open space right near the building. Using a removable post to create a barrier that can only be unlocked by the person with the key with remove any future disagreements regarding unfair parking.

Who might use this product?

Home-owners with driveways may need a post like this to prevent any vehicles parking in front of the driveway and blocking exit and entrance to the driveway. People in vehicles also take advantage of personal driveways and use them to turn around in, install this post to stop this from happening.